Thermotek Premium Quality Construction

Thermotek Thermodynamic Blinds were conceived and developed out of 60 years of industry experience.  Only the highest quality materials are used and every blind is meticulously constructed by hand.  Most decorator fabrics are suitable to use on the face of the blind. 

Because of the internal thermodynamic interlining, a level of sound and thermal insulation superior to any other blind on the market is achieved, along with a softer lightly padded appearance.

ThermoTek Romans are an ideal alternative to other window treatments because they provide a minimalistic yet decorative appearance.  They are also extremely functional. 

In the interest of child safety ThermoTek Romans employ a stainless chain control operating system that has been used successfully for many years with proven reliability. 

In practical terms, a 400% better result than that of single layer coated fabrics coupled with the unique magnetic air gap reduction, ThermoTek Roman Blinds are able to achieve an energy efficiency result that is unequalled by any other form of internal window treatment. 

The additional cost of ThermoTek blinds is, like any other energy saving device, recoverable over time by direct savings of energy used.  Results will vary within differing situations.