Thermotek Has Been Tested By The CSIRO

ThermoTek Roman Blinds are a giant leap forward for internal window insulation.

The Thermal Blind Company have commissioned CSIRO thermal insulance tests using British standard BS 4745 to confirm that ThermoTek Roman Blinds are an amazing 400% more thermally efficient than single layer coated blind and curtain fabrics.  This means that a home can be kept cooler in Summer and ever so much warmer in Winter, with extremely significant energy cost savings.

The reason for this stunning result is the multi layer thermodynamic interlining, made up of mirror surfaced heat reflective film (used by NASA spacecraft and Paramedics when treating hypothermia), surrounding each insular blanket of wool/poly mix.  All blinds have a 4 layer thermodynamic interlining plus an insulating back lining with a decorative or plain face fabric.  Six layers in all.

ThermoTek Roman Blinds fit snugly to a window and are held tightly against the architraves by the use of small yet powerful rare earth magnets spaced at regular intervals.  These provide a much better airflow seal than other blinds and curtains can achieve.