About Thermotek Thermodynamic Blinds

The conservation of energy is now a major consideration for all of us.

There is a growing demand for new products to make our homes and workplaces more efficient in the amount of energy we use and more importantly, the amount of energy that we can save.

Australia is a land of extreme temperatures, both heat and cold.  As windows account for 1/3 of the heat loss and heat gain for a normal home, there is a pressing need for the window furnishing industry to improve the performance of the products it currently offers.

A blind energy rating scheme is presently under construction that will give the consumer an informed choice when selecting the window furnishing product that will best serve their particular need.

Thermotek is currently working with the CSIRO in the testing of our THERMODYNAMIC INTERLINING, which after preliminary tests is showing a 400% reduction in radiated heat over a conventional lined fabric.  Our newly designed Roman Blind is potentially the most energy efficient internal window covering in Australia.

A key design feature of our Thermodynamic Roman blind is the way that the blind fits flat against the architrave and is held flat with rare earth magnets to minimise air leakage.