Looks Great, Reduces Energy Consumption, Helps our Environment

NASA Technology Improves Thermal Efficiency by 400%

Cool in Summer, Warm in Winter, Energy Efficient All Year Round!

A giant leap forward in interior window insulation.
Testing by the CSIRO shows a 400% improvement over standard blinds.

Saving You Money

Thermotek blinds have been designed to satisfy the growing demand for greater levels of energy efficiency in our homes and workplaces.  At least one third of home energy is lost through the windows.

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Unprotected Single Glazing 100%        Vertical or Venitian Blinds 100%
Unlined Drapes or Roller Blinds 92% Unlined Drapes or Roller Blinds with Pelmet 79%
Heavy Lined Drapes No Pelmet 87% Unprotected Double Glazing 69%
Heavy Lined Drapes with Pelmet 63% Thermotek Roman Blinds (Conservative Estimate) 60%
Double Glazing with Low-E Coating 57% 25mm Polystyrene Shutters (if good air seal) 50%
Double Glazing, Heavy Drapes, Pelmets         47% Thermotek Roman Blinds with Double Glazing, Low-E Coating        45%

Source: Sustainable Energy Authority Victoria

ThermoTek thermodynamic interlining has been specially constructed of fine wool blankets with layers of highly heat reflective mylar CSIRO testing reveals a remarkable 400% increase in thermal performance over single layer blinds & curtains. ThermoTek Roman blinds are arguably Australia's most energy efficient internal window covering.

"Space Age" Insulation

 The reason for the stunning thermal performance of Thermotek blinds is the multi layer thermodynamic interlining, made up of mirror surfaced heat reflective film (used by NASA spacecraft and paramedics when treating hypothermia), surrounding each insular blanket of wool/poly mix. All blinds have a 4 layer thermodynamic interlining plus an insulating back lining with a decorative or plain face fabric. Six layers in all.
The Thermal Blind Company have commissioned CSIRO thermal insulance tests using British standard BS 4745 to confirm that ThermoTek Roman Blinds are an amazing 400% more thermally efficient than single layer coated blind and curtain fabrics. This means that a home can be kept cooler in Summer and ever so much warmer in Winter, with extremely significant energy cost savings.

A design feature of our Thermodynamic Roman blind is the way that the blind sits flat against the architrave and is held flat with rare earth magnets to minimise air leakage.

In practical terms, with a 400% better insulation factor, ThermoTek Roman Blinds are able to achieve an energy efficiency result that is unequalled by any other form of internal window treatment.

The additional cost of ThermoTek blinds is, like any other energy saving device, recoverable over time by direct savings of energy used.


The conservation of energy is now a major consideration for all of us.

There is a growing demand for new products to make our homes and workplaces more efficient in the amount of energy we use and more importantly, the amount of energy that we can save.

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